The five-piece rock band Wig Party was formed in 2010 in Central New Jersey. Charles Kirby (vocals), Ryan Quick (drums), and Vincent Ventriglia (guitar/vocals), former members of the northeast regional band The Dirty Drop (2005-2009), asked old friend Greg Del Deo (bass) to form a new group that became Wig Party. The group spent most of 2010 writing material and recording their first album, which was never officially released. In early 2011, Wig Party added a fifth member, Hank Rosenthal (keyboards/vocals) and continued to write, leading up to their latest trip into the studio, an effort that resulted in their most recent recording, Glass Girls. Working with producer Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors, Lenny Kravitz, Noel Redding), singer/songwriter Tom Marshall (Phish, Amfibian), and Grammy Award-winning engineer Tom Camuso (Steve Earle) the band transformed its sound with their new release.

Wig Party continued perfecting their live craft in 2012 with a heavy rotation of new tour dates. Their performances have been described as upbeat, energetic and fun, with well-crafted original songwriting on display at each show. As Wig Party branches out on the road, they also continue to return to many of the venues where they were first received, leaving no opportunity behind. One such venue, Pearly Baker’s Alehouse in Easton, PA, has declared Wig Party as their “premiere band.” Moving forward, Wig Party is on a steady track to grow from regional group to national touring act.



We are proud to announce the release of our debut EP, Glass Girls. The EP is a mix of some older tunes as well as some new ones including "Silent Wood," featuring Anthony Krizan and Phish lyricist Tom Marshall. You can purchase the album at the online retail sites below, or pick up a CD at one of our shows...



"Wig Party's unusually solid debut EP, Glass Girls, proves that these boys have the chops and talent to make a nice long run. It'll be a lot of fun to watch the band develop. One hell of a party for sure!"

- Spider Glenn, PD/MD Afternoon Host WNTI

"The groove that The Grateful Dead and The Allman Brothers gave the world is alive and well and wearing a beehive in Wig Party."

- Matthew Crain, The Easton Irregular

"...six great songs, including one I wrote and recorded with them, "Silent Wood." I was honored to be able to record with Wig Party. The album shows Wig Party's range of musical style and displays the guys' musical talents and songwriting ability."

- Tom Marshall, Singer/Songwriter


Reid Foster / Blue Sun Entertainment




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